The Columbia Bank (MD) App Reviews

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Great app Easy to use

Great App

Works great! So easy to use.

Great app

Works great. No complaints.

Good app.

Good app. No issues. Works well.

Pretty useful app

This app is pretty handy. I love mobile deposits and the ability to make payments to new payees in addition to established ones. What I don't like is the inability to edit recurring payments and I would love to be able to look at the financial app that helps me to monitor payment trends and overall financial status.

Touch ID Finally!

THANK YOU! I always wanted Touch ID. Made my day!

Check Deposit Feature Not User Friendly

I used up 3 checks trying to make a deposit because I had the wrong date format. For those of you who run into this issue, the format is 3/7/2016. The app should have instructions indicating the correct format. In addition, if your signature is not in the endorse space, your check will not be accepted either. The check deposit functionality needs some work!

Can do better

Need to include finger print log in, and during payment I would like to see my account balance so that I know the account I select has enough balance for payment.

Consistent Failure to Function

It seems that on alternating days (literally), there is something awry with the app. Either you log in and the option you choose is unresponsive completely, or (most commonly) it says "unable to display information." I've never seen outages or issues this much with a banking app. The only saving grace that keeps this from easily being a 1 star review is the simple (even though it's almost unprofessional looking) layout and easy usability...during the times it can actually be used.

So far...

... For all the business banking needs that have crossed this path "So far"- So good...


This app is wonderful when it works. Which is about half of the time. The rest of the time it tells you that your account information is unavailable. Had other banks apps and not had this amount of unreliableness with any of them. It's really frustrating when you're just trying to look at your own account information.

Great way to deposit checks

Worked great


I love the online mobile deposit! Great app!

Great app

Works very well.

Great App

The app helps simplify the banking my wife and I do.

Works when it wants.

9/10 times this app does not work. It either keeps loading or says unavailable. When it works it's great however it hardly works.

Great App

Very helpful and convenient.


Great time saver.

Great help to me

We live 40 miles from the nearest branch, so the mobile deposit is a blessing. However, due to my own difficulty with tech processes, I end up in the online banking site instead of the mobile banking one. Not sure what causes MY confusion. Overall love it!

Check Deposit

Excellent. Very convenient.

Works great

All functionality works great. Love the deposit functionality.


Was so excited to use the deposit check feature (otherwise just use mint to view accts etc) except taking the photo crashes the app every time :(. Please fix it! I want to stick with our local bank and need the tech aspects!!! Looking forward to editing this review...

All you need in 1 place!

What more can you ask for? You can see: your balance, withdraws, checks, EFTs, scheduled payments, & you can make a payment & even deposit a check. :-) Thanks!

Not bad

This app needs the ability to see pending deposits in accounts

Love it

The easy of use is amazing. It's intuitive and not at all cumbersome! Great design!


Very satisfied w/ latest app. Beside the usual checking balances Money transfers, making payments, No problems on my iPhone 5, works great. Simple, easy.

Great app for iPad

But I too would like it for my iPhone!

Solid App

Works well. Fully functional. Very easy to use.


Glad they finally have an app! Easy to use and read.


The least you guys could have done was optimize it for the iPhone 5. All this hype for nothing. I expected way more. Redesigned app completely, iphone 5 compatible, easier to use, etc. This is wow.

What was the big hype about?

I cannot believe that they made a big hype about the overhauled new online banking and apps to come with and they could not even optimize the app for an iPhone 5 screen.... Pretty sad.

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